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Boys PUMA Shoes, Apparel, and Accessories

Troublemakers are found at every age and every size. PUMA has you covered with Shoes, Apparel and Accessories fit for after-school hangouts, recess activities, and their first day of school. Boys PUMA Shoes include smaller versions of our classic styles like the Suedes, all the way to special kid-friendly shoes that add hook-and-loop or slip-on functionality perfect for small children. Our Apparel bring together classic PUMA logos and styles that look just like the big boys, as well as bringing in kid-friendly styles and designs built specifically for them. We have a full line of Accessories including Backpacks, Hats, Winter Gloves & Scarves, and more. And we have a full line of boys football products for the little footballer who wants to look just like their heroes from the first league.

We also have developed special partnerships and collaborations that are kid-friendly as well. Our line of Superman & Batman products, including our Cape Backpacks, are perfect for your little superhero. We also work directly with Sesame Street to bring a line of Sesame Street Shoes and Apparel that combines classic PUMA styles with the iconic Sesame Street Characters.