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Ralph Sampson

Back in the ‘80s, Ralph Sampson was a basketball legend. First pick of the NBA Draft in ’83, Rookie of the Year in ’84, he towered over the rest of the players and elevated the game to unprecedented heights. Signing Sampson took PUMA to the next level in the basketball world – and in return, we created a customized kick just for him. The PUMA Ralph Sampson. With a mid height construction for ankle support and a lightweight design for speed and agility, it was tailored to Sampson’s needs on the court and stamped with his signature at the side. Today, over 30 years later, PUMA is bringing back the OG silhouette in honor of a Hall of Famer whose legend still impacts the game today. This reissue is available for a new generation of bball fans who care about off-court style as much as on-court performance.
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PUMA x USAIN BOLT Ralph Sampson Trainers 4063698735858

Ralph Sampson Lo V Kids' Trainers 4062451460198

Ralph Sampson Lo V Kids' Trainers 4060981929390

Ralph Sampson Lo V Kids' Trainers 4060981783152

Ralph Sampson MC Clean White Trainers 4063696349859

Ralph Sampson Lo Trainers 4060981073703

Ralph Sampson Lo Trainers 4060981073802

Ralph Sampson Lo Trainers 4062449006704

Ralph Sampson Lo Trainers 4062451659998

Ralph Sampson Lo Trainers 4062451630256

Ralph Sampson Lo Trainers 4062453105608

Ralph Sampson Lo Trainers 4062453125163

Ralph Sampson Mid Trainers 4060981094746

Ralph Sampson Mid Trainers 4060981093749

Ralph Sampson Mid Trainers 4063697768819

Ralph Sampson Lo Tones Trainers 4062453040848

Ralph Sampson Lo Tones Trainers 4062453037565

Ralph Sampson Lo Perforated Outline Trainers 4062453032201

Ralph Sampson Lo V Babies' Trainers 4060981901600

Ralph Sampson Lo Youth Trainers 4060981929093

Ralph Sampson Lo Youth Trainers 4060981783060

PUMA x CENTRAL SAINT MARTINS Ralph Sampson Trainers 4062452980831

The Unity Collection Ralph Sampson Signature Trainers 4062452954528

Ralph Sampson Lo Perf Colour Trainers 4063697687950

Ralph Sampson Lo Perf Colour Trainers 4063697722149