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National Football Teams

PUMA celebrates the national football teams with replica training jerseys, shorts, shirts and socks. Proudly wear the colours of your favourite national football team like Italy, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Senegal, Egypt, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Serbia or Uruguay and show your passion towards one of these football nations. While doing sports, dryCELL technology wicks away moisture and keeps you warm – no matter the weather. The PUMA quality design and thoughtful detailing are a priority for overall comfort and wearability. Shop now and show your passion for your favourite national football team to the world.
  • Black (4)
  • Blue (17)
  • Green (26)
  • Orange (4)
  • Yellow (2)
  • Red (25)
  • White (32)

Italia Men's Third Stadium Jersey 4062449773835

Italia Men's Home Stadium Jersey 4062449968057

Italia Men's Away Stadium Jersey 4062449967500

Egypt Stadium Men's Jersey 4062453689764

Egypt Away Replica Men's Jersey 4062453646330

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Ivory Coast Stadium Men's Jersey 4062453690104

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Italia Iconic MCS Men's Tee 4062451358402

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Italia Babies' Third Minikit 4062449759792

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