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Shop the Cali collection – a new 21st century iteration of PUMA's popular California line, with inspiration by Selena Gomez. This lifestyle collection combines street style chic and class (with a little bit of sass) to an updated look for an overall laid-back, breezy style. Panels of suede, leather and synthetic on the shoe's upper, and rubber in the outsole – to prevent slips and slides – are throwbacks to the shoe’s vintage beginnings. You will love this beautiful PUMA Cali collection as the perfect, gorgeous fit whether on the court or after court chillaxing over a fresh beverage.
  • Black (10)
  • Pink (2)
  • White (39)

Cali Wn s Puma 4060978971135

Cali Wn s Puma 4060978972392

Cali Wn s Puma 4062453121691

Cali Wn s Puma 4062453154088

Cali Sport Kids' Trainers 4063696635877

Cali Sport Kids' Trainers 4063697745759

Cali Sport Youth Trainers 4063697745391

Cali Sport Youth Trainers 4063697728653

Cali Sport Youth Trainers 4063697743564

Cali Kids' Trainers 4063697758841

Cali Kids' Trainers 4063697774261

Cali Kids' Trainers 4063697789685

Cali Unicorn Kids' Trainers 4063697782631

Cali Unicorn Kids' Trainers 4063697755222

Cali Star Snake Women's Trainers 4063697600959

Cali Star Snake Women's Trainers 4063697558618

Cali Star Metallic Women's Trainers 4063697581654

Cali Star Metallic Women's Trainers 4063697621916

Cali Unicorn Babies' Trainers 4063697752207

Cali Sport Women's Trainers 4063697687189

Cali Sport Clean Women's Trainers 4063697630086

Cali Sport Clean Women's Trainers 4063697653689

Cali Sport Clean Women's Trainers 4063697647381

Cali Star International Game Women's Trainers 4063697567184

Cali Youth Trainers 4063697778535

Cali Youth Trainers 4063697803534