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Unity Collection

This collection is inspired by world unity, and the power of small actions to make a big difference. Designs are vibrant and sport inspired, with colorful graphics pulled from flags around the world. The Unity Collection includes brand new versions of the Cali Sport and the Future Rider shoe that brighten up every room with their coloring. A pair of shoes from the Unity Collection fits perfectly with sporty track tops, tees, shorts and pants for men and women. With the launch of this collection, PUMA pledges $100,000 to the U.N. COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. Join us in being inspired by world unity and get your favourites now.
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PUMA x USAIN BOLT Ralph Sampson Trainers 4063698735858

RS-2K The Unity Collection Trainers 4062453003355

The Unity Collection Ralph Sampson Signature Trainers 4062452954528

RS-X The Unity Collection Trainers 4062453064424