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Accessories for men


What good is a perfect outfit without matching accessories? PUMA accessories for men make classy belts with the PUMA cat and metal buckles your outfit's eye-catcher. The fan scarf lets you proudly carry your team with you. Smart accessories like sock stoppers and sweatbands will help you with your training. Replacement studs let you keep your football boots intact, while gym gloves protect your hands and give you more grip. Winter gloves, scarves and hats keep you warm in any weather.

  • Black (4)
  • metallic (1)
  • Blue (1)
  • Orange (2)
  • White (3)
  • multi-colored (1)

Essential Training Grip Gloves 4059506131080

Packable Running Bottle 4063697989238

Training 1L Bottle 4063697990166

Training Bottle 4063697989771

Training Sportstyle Water Bottle 4060978182159

Training Sportstyle Water Bottle 4063697990029

Training Sportstyle Water Bottle 4063697989603

Stainless Steel Training Water Bottle 4062453782618

Fruit Infuser Training Bottle 4062449828849

Athletic Cleaner 4056205345084

Shoe and Sandal Refresher 4056205345107

Rain and Stain Repellent 4056205345145