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Socks for Men

Every effective training sessions starts with a strong base. We know that at PUMA. That´s why we pay attention to first-class comfort and maximum performance when designing socks for men. It´s crucial to stay fresh during the whole workout. PUMA sneaker socks are made out of breathable material and mesh for additional ventilation. Comfortable toe seams and arch support guarantee that you can fully concentrate on your workout and that you´re ready to achieve higher fitness goals at any time. With a pair of PUMA bamboo socks for men, the feel-good factor is even higher. Made from innovative materials obtained from bamboo, these super soft and breathable socks have a self-regulating odor control with which you can effortlessly conquer even the most intense training sessions.
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Liga Football Socks 4059504599394

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Football Men's LIGA Core Socks 4059504645787

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