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Italian menswear brand Nemen creates designs that live at the intersection of extreme functionality and high fashion. The debut of PUMA x NEMEN draws inspiration from motorsport racing and military gear. With high-quality materials, premium executions, and timeless, technical designs, PUMA x NEMEN discovers innovated new uses and benefits for apparel and footwear, all while staying true to the essence of motorsport. Browse the collection now and pick your favourites.
  • Black (9)
  • White (6)

PUMA x NEMEN Centaur Mid Disc Neo Trainers 4063697657595

PUMA x NMN Elevated Men's Tee 4063697131378

PUMA x NMN Elevated Men's Tee 4063697134201

PUMA x NMN Men's Hoodie 4063697132436

PUMA x NMN Men's Hoodie 4063697128545

PUMA x NMN Crew Neck Men's Sweatshirt 4063697132658

PUMA x NMN Crew Neck Men's Sweatshirt 4063697131767

PUMA x NEMEN Tech Crew Neck Men's Sweatshirt 4063697219847

PUMA x NEMEN Full-Zip Racing Men's Top 4063697219137

PUMA x NEMEN Shell Men's Jacket 4063697229082

PUMA x NEMEN Racing Men's Pants 4063697218451

PUMA x NEMEN Pilot Men's Pants 4063697216259

PUMA x NEMEN Tech Cap 4063698396745

PUMA x NEMEN Cap 4063698170383

PUMA x NEMEN Cap 4063698170390