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Gloves for Women

Although used and known to protect the hands from cold and dirt since ancient times, gloves became an indispensable status symbol much later. It is said that populations from hostile and cold places were the first to wear them assiduously. The history of sports gloves, for example goalkeeper gloves as we know them today, is actually much more recent. Wearing gloves in sport has become customary and PUMA, as a great pioneer in sport as it is, has created a collection of women's gloves perfect for sports and leisure. In the women's sports gloves section, you can find both non-slip models for indoor training and gloves for winter sports, perfect for outdoor training and during the coldest days.
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ULTRA Grip 4 RC Goalkeeper Gloves 4062453933461

King 4 Goalkeeper Gloves 4060981724483

ULTRA Grip 4 RC Goalkeeper Gloves 4063698017756

FUTURE Z Grip 3 Negative Cut Goalkeeper Gloves 4063698069403

FUTURE Z Grip 1 Hybrid Goalkeeper Gloves 4063698069069

PUMA ULTRA Grip 1 Hybrid Pro Goalkeeper Gloves 4063698017237

Essential Training Gloves 4059506131042

Women's Training Gym Gloves 4059506130953

Women's Training Gym Gloves 4063697990128

Essential Training Grip Gloves 4059506131080

Studio Training Gloves 4063698024938