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PUMA, which is always on the crest of the wave, never lowers the shot and presents a collection of women's sports polo shirts with unchanging beauty and charm. Whether you are a tennis professional, a golf lover or a polo star, your destination will certainly be the women's sports polo section, where the softness and lightness of the fabrics or the feminine lines make them garments of the highest quality. The return to the catwalks of women's golf polo shirts, in cotton or ultra-tech materials, declined in sorbet and neutral colors, makes them not only the perfect allies on the field, but also in casual chic outfits.
  • Black (1)
  • Blue (2)
  • Red (2)
  • White (2)

Rotations Women's Polo Shirt 4062451220174

Rotations Women's Polo Shirt 4062451212810

Rotations Women's Polo Shirt 4063697217881

Rotations Women's Polo Shirt 4063697311572

Rotation Sleeveless Women's Golf Polo Shirt 4062451209933

Rotation Sleeveless Women's Golf Polo Shirt 4063697219038

Rotation Sleeveless Women's Golf Polo Shirt 4063697220768