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Yoga Bras

Finding the right yoga bra can be a challenge. Getting the right level of support, breathability and comfort is essential. Our collection of yoga sports bras have been crafted with the flows and demands of yoga in mind. Built with lightweight fabrics to encourage airflow, our yoga bras are breathable and allow for a full

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Feel confident and comfortable throughout your next yoga practice with a yoga bra from PUMA. Our yoga bras offer support where you need it, so your focus can be on your yoga flow and getting the most out of your session.

Find Your Fit

Finding the right fit for you is crucial when it comes to workout out. Crafted with practicality and style in mind, comfort and support is top priority when it comes to our range of yoga bras.
Many of our yoga tops have adjustable straps to help you tailor the support to your body’s need, while our low impact yoga tops are designed for total comfort. Your body shape and chest size will decide the amount of support your yoga bra needs to provide, so take a closer look at our collection of yoga bras to find one that suits your needs.