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From Grass to Grease: The Ultimate Stain Removal GuideRE:FRESH your wardrobe with these tips to eliminate some of the most common stains.
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This story is part of our RE:HACKS series, in which we detail some easy guidelines to help you care for and maintain your PUMA products, so the stuff you love lasts longer.

Stains happen: Sweat stains from hard training sessions, an untimely coffee stain on your shirt, or that time a rogue bottle of French’s mustard besmirched your favourite Man City tee from their 2023 Treble-winning season. But don’t let a stain ruin your wardrobe. At PUMA, we’re well-aware that far-too-many people opt for tossing away their blemished clothes rather than giving them a deep scrub and a little bit of love.

For this quick little guide, we’ve consulted with our product experts, and, below, we’ve compiled the best ways to eliminate some of the most common stains attacking your clothing.

Before getting into the nitty-gritty, a quick word of advice: Stains on clothes that have been washed and dried are nearly impossible to remove, so make sure to always apply your stain-removal technique before washing. Also, always test these solutions in a small, unnoticeable area just to make sure your fabric doesn’t end up damaged. And, also, also, read the care labels!

So, are you ready to refresh your wardrobe?

Eliminating Sweat Stains

There is no sport without sweat. We know this all too well. And treating sweat stains is shockingly easy, whether it be removing armpit stains from your favourite workout tee or an annoyingly salty sweat stain after running a marathon. Here’s what you do.

The Method: Create a paste with one-part water and two-parts baking soda. Next, rub that paste all over the stain. Now, let it sit and set until it’s dried. Wait. Once it’s dried and ready to be chiseled off, remove the excess paste. When you see it’s gone, wash your garment with the rest of your laundry.

How to Remove Pesky Grass Stains

At PUMA, sport is our life. So, as you’d expect, we’ve seen some monstrous grass stains – Neymar Jr, Pulisic…the ENTIRE Man City football team, we’re looking at you. Needless to say, we’re experts when it comes to removing grass stains from jerseys, shorts, socks. The secret? It’s all about that vinegar. Here’s our easy way to remove grass stains.

The Method: Mix one-part white vinegar and one-part water. Soak the stain in this solution and let it sit for 30 minutes. When the wait's over, grab a cloth and gently rub the stain and then rinse it with cold water. Please, do NOT use hot water as this will embed the grass pigments into your shirt. Rub until the stain is gone. Wash your garment with the rest of your clothes.

Removing Grease Stains

Whether it be from your washing machine secreting oils (this happens often) or you’ve soaked your shirt in a quart of canola oil while trying your hand at delicious homemade crullers, grease stains are annoying. But, treating grease stains is surprisingly simple.

The Method: For starters, you need to attack these stains immediately. If possible, right after the grease picks a fight with your shirt. If you catch it in time, sprinkle something absorbent on it like baking soda, baby powder, even salt will do the trick. This prevents the grease from setting into the fabric. From there, apply some drops of liquid dish soap and rub it in gently to loosen the strain. Next, let the soap set in for 10 minutes and then rinse with warm water. When the stain is gone, wash as usual.

Get Rid of Mud Stains

Most stains require immediate action. Not mud stains. With these, you have to wait it out. In fact, take as long as you need because, really, you can’t do a whole lot until the stain is completely dry. Once it’s dry, grab a toothbrush – preferably not the one you’re currently using – and some liquid detergent, and we’ll get to removing that pesky blotch.

The Method: First, let the mud stain dry. Patience is key here. Once dried, remove any excess bits with a soft brush, ideally an old, clean toothbrush. After you’ve chipped away at some chunks, apply a dash of liquid detergent and rub the strain gently to loosen it. Keep on rubbing until the stain is gone. Finally, wash.

For more tips on protecting your clothing, consult our RE:HACKS guides.