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Men's Gilets & Body Warmers

A winter essential, the men’s gilet, continues to be a popular option for keeping warm throughout the colder months. Find a style that suits you with our range of men’s padded and puffer gilets designed for every occasion. Whether you're looking for an extra layer while you keep active or a body warmer to keep

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How to Wear a Men’s Gilet

Your men’s gilet should fit similarly to a waistcoat. The gilet should be relatively snug around the body to insure it keeps you insulated and allows it to be layered with a winter jacket. Take a look at our complete range of winter clothing for men to piece together a winter outfit that suits your style.

What is the Difference Between a Gilet and a Bodywarmer?

Men’s gilets are usually designed to be more lightweight and slimmer-fitting to be combined with other layers such as jumpers, hoodies and jackets. Whereas, a body warmer is often bulkier and tends to be worn as the top layer of a winter outfit. These are sometimes puffers and aim to offer extra protection from the cold weather.