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Stable Support Running Shoes

Stable support running shoes are designed for people who tend to overpronate. If you do not experience this, we would recommend you take a look at the Neutral Support running shoe category. Stability running shoes can help prevent against long term running injuries and maximise your comfort. Shop the collection of PUMA support shoes.

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What are Stability Running Shoes?

Stability running shoes typically have extra support in the midsole, or foot arch area, to aid runners who overpronate or have flat feet. Providing this extra support helps to keep the runner’s feet remain in a neutral position to maximise comfort and performance.

Like our Nitro range, PUMA stability running shoes feature Nitrogren-infused midsole for maximum cushioning. However, our stability running trainers also include a high-density Nitro foam placed around the rim of the midsole and an asymmetrical heel counter to keep the foot aligned with every stride.

Can Neutral Runners Wear Stability Running Shoes?

Although not designed for neutral runners, stability shoes can still benefit them by improving their overall foot stability while running. However, if you’re a neutral runner, then be sure to explore our extensive collection of neutral support trainers.