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Taken straight from the PUMA archives, the retro styles featured have a rich history surrounding Terrace and football culture, deriving from the casual styles of the 70's and 80's. The Super Team, Army, Delphin and Easy Rider are all iconic PUMA styles which have been given a contemporary update featuring new colour palettes and modern

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Gum Sole Trainers

With a deep history rooted in football culture, many of our gum-sole trainers were frequently seen on the football terraces of the 1980s. Originally designed as a sports shoe but adopted as part of the ‘football casual’ sub-culture in the 80s, silhouettes such as PUMA Delphin, Super Team and Army, all have their own rich history and unique backstory. Fast-forward to today, and these classic styles have been resurrected from our archives to make an iconic return, with new colourways, updated materials and improved comfort. With a rising trend of football-inspired outfits and footwear now being seen in the fashion world, these classic styles still have a place; whether that’s on the terraces or the streets.