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Full length PUMA leggings and tights fit in every scenario. Wear them at home spending a relaxed day in, show them off when meeting friends or wear them while pushing your limits during practice. Both functional yet super stylish and comfortable, long PUMA leggings and tights are your go-to option. Winter weather and cold temperatures won´t leave you shivering when you choose these full length leggings. On warmer days, the dryCELL technology keeps you cool as you work out. Feeling inspired to get fit now? Choose your favourites and get ready to hit the gym.
  • Black (24)
  • gray (7)
  • Brown (1)
  • Blue (6)
  • tan (2)
  • Red (1)
  • Purple (2)
  • Pink (1)

BMW M Motorsport Women's Street Leggings 4063697145061

Running Women's Tights 4056207912642

Favourite Women's Running Leggings 4063697232006

Favourite Women's Running Leggings 4063697231948

Exhale High Waist Women's Training Leggings 4063697238497

Exhale High Waist Women's Training Leggings 4063697257023

Exhale High Waist Women's Training Leggings 4063697269323

PUMA x CLOUD9 Rush Women's Esports Leggings 4063698590242

Women's Essentials Logo Leggings 4059506776014

Women's Essentials Logo Leggings 4059506775826

Classics Logo T7 Women's Leggings 4059504410637

Classics Logo T7 Women's Leggings 4062449863963

Active High Waisted Poly Women's Leggings 4062453911797

PUMA International Women's Leggings 4063697088580

Essentials+ Metallic Women's Short Leggings 4063697449992

Amplified Women's Leggings 4063697268340

Amplified Women's Leggings 4063697245013

Classics High Waist Ribbed Women's Leggings 4063697086456

Infuse Women's Leggings 4063697224742

Infuse Women's Leggings 4063697226579

Amplified Printed Women's Leggings 4063697243651

Iconic T7 Mid-Rise Women's Leggings 4063697083356

Tape Women's Leggings 4063698797795

Iconic T7 Women's Leggings 4063697081864

Iconic T7 Women's Leggings 4063697090903

Essentials+ Colourblock Women's Leggings 4063697211421

Essentials+ Colourblock Women's Leggings 4063697215351

Essentials+ Colourblock Women's Leggings 4063697212237

Essentials Women's Leggings 4063697212992

Essentials Women's Leggings 4063697212350

Essentials Logo Women's Leggings 4063697216280

Evide Women's Leggings 4063697106062

Evide Printed Women's Leggings 4063697106024