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High Impact Sports Bras

Delivering maximum comfort and superior support for performance at every level, a PUMA sports bra will provide you with the confidence you need to focus on your workout and train to your potential. For high-intensity exercise lovers, only a PUMA high impact sports bra will do. Engineered to give support through intense workouts, PUMA training bras have strategically moulded padding, adjustable back closures and mesh panels for maximum air flow. A fully customisable fit and integrated body temperature regulation ensures you can push through and complete your workout in style. Select a classic colour for versatility - a black or white sports bra can act as an ideal base layer for all athletic wear. On lower-impact days, a strappy sports bra with an open back design, and weightless straps is the ideal exercise partner. Removable pads offer additional support and shape, and the strappy silhouette provides cool breathability. With a variety of colours and patterns to choose from it’s easy to find your perfect supportive match.
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High Impact Fast Launch Women's Training Bra 4063697414914

High Impact Fast Women's Training Bra 4063697427198

High Impact Fast Women's Training Bra 4063697427075

High Impact Front Zip Women's Training Bra 4063697229440

High Impact Front Zip Women's Training Bra 4063697224469

High Impact Front Zip Women's Training Bra 4063697223004