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3G & Multi Ground Football Boots

Explore our multi-ground football boots, designed with a conical, shorter stud shape when compared to FG/AG boots. The shape and length of the studs on our multi-ground football boots make them the recommended option for 3G artificial grass pitches, which have a shorter grass length than 4G pitches. Shop multi-ground and 3G artificial grass football

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What are multi-ground football boots?

Multi-ground (MG) football boots are designed for use on artificial grass 3G pitches. Their studs are shorter and more cone shaped when comparing them to FG/AG boots, offering excellent traction on pitches with short grass length. The grass on 3G pitches is shorter than that of 4G pitches, and for this reason we recommend MG football boots thanks to their shorter stud length.

What's the difference between 3G and 4G Pitches?

3G and 4G pitches differ in grass length and infill. For this reason, we recommend different boots for each surface type.

3G pitches feature synthetic grass blades with a sand and rubber infill. 3G is the more common surface type in the UK and is recognised by many sporting governing bodies, such as The FA. For 3G pitches, we recommend wearing MG (multi-ground) football boots. This is because the MG boots feature shorter studs which are is better suited to the shorter grass length of 3G pitches.

4G pitches feature synthetic grass only (no rubber or sand infill). For 4G surfaces, the length of the synthetic grass blade is longer than that of 3G. For this reason, we recommend using FG/AG boots as they have a slightly longer stud length than that of MG boots. In the UK, 4G pitches are less common than 3G pitches,