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Soft Ground Football Boots

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PUMA soft ground football boots will provide you with the much-needed extra grip that's required when playing on wet and slippery grass surfaces. Ideal if you're playing Saturday or Sunday league football on muddy pitches, our metal stud football boots will not only provide you with superb traction underfoot, but the carefully constructed upper also enhances ball control and touch. Focus on the game at hand without worrying about losing your footing with our SG football boots.

What are soft ground football boots?

Soft ground football boots (or SG boots) are designed for wet and muddy pitches where you might find it difficult to find traction under foot. Soft-ground boots, also referred to as metal stud boots, feature longer studs than FG/AG boots to provide extra grip when playing on muddy surfaces. The studs on soft-ground football boots are typically made from metal and can be removed to allow for easy cleaning of the boots. This kind of boot will usually be worn during the winter months when pitch surfaces are wet and muddy. Aside from the studs, the upper and tech features of soft-ground football boots are the same as all other boots - so you can expect lightweight and superb control from PUMA MxSG boots.

What are the benefits of soft ground football boots?

Soft ground boots provide greater grip and surface traction when playing on soft, wet or muddy surfaces. Their long metal studs allow you to get a good foot-in on even the most treacherous of pitches, and they don’t clog up with mud as much as firm-ground boots would on muddy surfaces. The studs can also be removed to allow for easy cleaning after the game.