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Trail Running Trainers & Shoes

Ready to hit the trails? Our trail running shoes and clothing will help you keep collecting miles. Conquer all types of terrain with dedicated women's trail running shoes that fit great, feel comfortable and protect your feet. Bite into the dirt and run the distance thanks to our men's trail running shoes which are packed

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Running vs Trail Running

The main difference between running and trail running is the terrain. Trail running is usually more technical due to the constant changing of terrain from uneven or rocky surfaces, hills and trees. While typical running consists of consistent impact on usually flat surfaces, trail running requires the runner to constantly change the style and pace of their run to meet the demands on the terrain.

Once you have a reliable pair of trail running shoes, along with some other essential trail running gear, you can start to train to tackle trail running. A perfect excuse to ditch the gym, the street or even the track and get out there on the trails.

PUMA Trail Running Gear

PUMA trail running shoes are designed to help you tackle the trails in style and comfort. Our trail running shoes are made with a durable, waterproof upper, a Nitrogen-injected foam midsole and PUMAGRIP outsole to provide maximum support and traction on mud, ice and grass.
Our collection of trail running tees, shoes, long sleeves and shorts are built with the outdoors in mind, designed to protect you from the elements while still offering moisture wicking properties. Incorporating our coolCELL and rainCELL technology, our trail running clothing can help prepare you for any weather.