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The RUN Nitro line fits the needs of every runner. Providing you with innovative technology for your long-distance runs or an ultra-lightweight design to challenge your tempo run’s performance. Nitro shoes are here to support you from the first mile on. Discover the PUMA Nitro collection featuring high-performance running shoes now and get the most

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What is NITRO?

NITRO foam is our innovative Nitrogen-Infused foam technology which offers superior responsiveness in an extremely lightweight package.

Why Nitrogen-Infused?

The process of Nitrogen-Infused foam offers superior responsiveness in an extremely lightweight package, making for more effortless runs.

What types of running shoes do you offer?

We offer shoes for:

Which NITRO shoe is best for me?

The NITRO range caters for all sorts of runners. Whether you are an everyday runner, a personal best chaser, or trail runner, we have a running shoe just for you. To decide which shoe is best, you can head over to our Shoe Finder!