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Take your game to the next level with women’s football boots from PUMA. Specifically designed for the female player, our range of football boots for women have been designed and constructed based on fit testing and feedback from female football players. Our women’s boots put women first. They are tailored to suit the nuances of

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PUMA Football Boots for Women

PUMA women’s football boots are tailored specifically to the female foot. We have carefully crafted the instep height and volume of our women's boots to maximise comfort and performance for the female player. With sizes running from a 3 up to an 8, our women’s football boots cater for all players, making them the perfect choice for female players at any level.

As well as the women-first fit, our ladies’ boots come with all of the innovative tech features that you’d expect from a PUMA football boot. The built-in SPEEDPLATE provides rapid propulsion so you can accelerate past your opponent with ease, while the super-thin textured upper of the FUTURE is designed for improved ball control and has an ultra lightweight feel.

If you’re regularly playing on grass, our range of ladies football boots have you covered with studded options for soft grass and artificial grass. Meanwhile our rubber-soled boots are the ones to go for if you’re a regular indoor or astroturf player.

Our women’s FUTURE boots also feature FUZIONFIT+ technology which offer a sock-like fit by using adaptive compression technology to lock the foot down and provide added support in all directions of movement. Meanwhile, the ULTRA women’s boot has a super-light, engineered fabric with a structured, 4-way stretch that reduces weight and friction. On top of all of the female-specific design and innovative boot technology, our women’s football boots all come complete with the iconic PUMA formstrip down the side.

So whether you're having a kick-about in the park, playing 5-a-side with friends or gearing up for matchday, pick your favourite colourway and get playing with PUMA women’s football boots.

Are women's football boots different?

Yes, women's football boots have a different fit to men's football boot. Women have a different foot shape and structure to that of men, so women's football boots are tailored to these differences. Because of these differences, women-specific football boots are recommended for optimum comfort, performance and safety for the female player.

What is different about women's football boots?

Generally speaking, the female foot is more narrow, lower in volume and has a smaller instep height than the male foot.

PUMA women's boots are more narrow, have a smaller instep height and are lower in volume compared to men's/unisex boots. Designing our women's boots to the needs and measurements of the female foot makes for a comfortable, supportive and high performance fit that puts women first.

Can a woman wear men's football boots?

Women can play in men's (or unisex) football boots, subject to the size run, although it is not recommended. Due to the differences in the female foot, we would always recommend wearing a woman-specific boot, to optimise comfort, safety and performance.

By wearing male football boots, female players can be left at risk of injury, due to a poor-fit and lack of support from the boot - it is thought that this could be one factor accounting for the higher number of ACL injuries in the women's game.