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Women´s Dresses & Skirts

There´s a big selection of women´s dresses and skirts to choose from. Fitting skirts lend an elegant silhouette and carry a unique sport luxe atmosphere with a touch of modern street style. Combine the skirt with a comfortable t-shirt and a pair of trainers for a stylish outfit that will accompany you on any relaxed occasion. For the sporty and elegant after-work style, simply swap the shirt for a blouse and the trainers for a pair of classic loafers. For the ultimate casual look, an iconic PUMA hockey dress is definitely an option. With the ultra-relaxed fit and college style, it's the perfect outfit for the next game day, but also for a relaxed weekend on the sofa. For occasions where an elegant, figure-hugging fit is important, sleeveless dresses by PUMA with their fresh design and their sporty-meets-sweet aesthetic are an absolute must. Swimmers can throw the pencil skirt made of neoprene-like material into their sports bag, dancers the little black dress with spaghetti straps. And the figure-shaping golf dress will still be sitting perfectly after the 18th hole. After training, chill out in an oversized dress with a hood. There´s something for every women in the PUMA dresses and skirts selection. Which are your chosen favourites?
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  • Blue (1)
  • tan (1)
  • Red (1)
  • White (3)

PWRSHAPE Solid Woven Women's Golf Skirt 4062451045524

PWRSHAPE Solid Woven Women's Golf Skirt 4062451046163

Classics Women's Cargo Skirt 4063697066700

Classics Women's Tight Skirt 4063697092976

Farley Women's Golf Dress 4063697208162

PUMA x MICHAEL LAU Women's Dress 4063697526754

PUMA x MICHAEL LAU Women's Dress 4063697526365

Iconic Hooded Women's Dress 4063697107380

Iconic Hooded Women's Dress 4063697106406

Rebel Women's Tee Dress 4063697326613

Rebel Women's Tee Dress 4063697325937

Classics Ribbed Bodycon Women's Dress 4063697080096

PUMA International Women's Tee Dress 4063697100572

Downtown Women's Tee Dress 4063697057944

Downtown Women's Tee Dress 4063697057623

PUMA x MR DOODLE Women’s Dress 4063696436054