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Firm Ground Football Boots

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Firm ground football boots from PUMA are designed to enhance your game on the hard, dry pitches you might find when playing during the Spring and Summer months. With a number of strategically placed studs on the sole, our moulded football boots give enhanced grip on hard grass surfaces and 4G artificial pitches so that you can get the most out of your game. In addition to this, our range of FG/AG football boots come with all the usual high-tech features that you'd expect from a PUMA boot, including a lightweight, high-quality upper made from premium fabrics to improve speed and ball control

What are firm ground football boots?

Firm ground football boots (or FG boots) are designed for natural grass pitches when the ground is anywhere from dry and hard or slightly damp. FG football boots, also known as moulded football boots, are a popular choice for players as they are versatile and offer great traction on firm grass pitches, including 4G football pitches. If the pitch becomes too wet and muddy, firm ground football boots may not be suitable as they can lack traction on these types of surfaces. Wet and muddy surfaces are where soft-ground boots would be used, thanks to their longer studs which provide better grip on slippery pitches. FG boots are also not suitable for sand-based turf pitches.

The benefits of firm ground football boots

Firm ground boots often have shorter, built in studs. These studs are not interchangeable and tend to be made from hard plastic or rubber. This design makes them a popular choice for players looking for a pair of boots for the season, as they are versatile and can used on be many pitches. The studs on firm ground football boots are best firmer surfaces such as a dry grass pitches or 4G artificial grass pitches.