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Men’s Hats & Caps

Sporting outfits benefit from the form and functionality of a well-designed hat. Men's hats come in many forms and PUMA has delivered on all fronts. Classic caps for men instantly elevate laid-back ensembles. Pair an iconic PUMA cap with everything from favourite weekend tracksuits, to your go-to t-shirt and shorts combination, or a streamlined running outfit for training goals. If you want to capture a streetwear vibe, simply swap your classic cap for a flat brim or trucker cap. For the ultimate 90s-inspired look, the iconic silhouette of a bucket hat is a must-have to dial the nostalgia factor up a notch. For athletes looking for comfort, the slouchy silhouette of a beanie gives your workout outfit a layer of cosy sophistication. PUMA beanies for men are designed with comfortable, easily foldable ribbed brims to make an impact with their streetstyle-inspired edge.
  • Black (38)
  • gray (4)
  • Brown (1)
  • Blue (14)
  • Green (2)
  • Orange (1)
  • tan (2)
  • Red (3)
  • Purple (2)
  • Pink (4)
  • White (11)

Neymar Jr Flatbrim Cap 4064533508439

Neymar Jr Baseball Cap 4064533276116

Metal Cat Cap 4063697988125

Scuderia Ferrari Low Classic Motorsport Cap 4063698094504

Scuderia Ferrari Baseball Cap 4063698139786

Scuderia Ferrari RCT Cap 4063698094429

Scuderia Ferrari Baseball Cap 4063698094399

Scuderia Ferrari Baseball Cap 4063698094405

BMW M Motorsport Flat Brim Cap 4063698068291

BMW M Motorsport Heritage Cap 4063698261494

BMW M Motorsport Heritage Cap 4063698261500

BMW Motorsport Replica Team Cap 4059506066740

Mercedes F1 Bucket Hat 4063698068253

Mercedes F1 Bucket Hat 4063698068277

Mercedes F1 Flat Brim Cap 4063698068222

Mercedes F1 Baseball Cap 4063698068208

Mercedes F1 Baseball Cap 4063698068192

Red Bull Racing Lifestyle Flat Brim Cap 4063698068147

Red Bull Racing Baseball Cap 4063698068123

Red Bull Racing Replica Verstappen Flat Brim Cap 4063698661485

Red Bull Racing Replica Verstappen Baseball Cap 4063698661515

Man City Iconic Archive Baseball Cap 4063698105194

OM Iconic Archive Football Baseball Cap 4063698105200

BVB Iconic Archive Football Baseball Cap 4063698105217

Valencia CF Team Football Cap 4062453911926

AC Milan 2.0 Team Football Cap 4062453903693

Basketball Bucket Hat 4063698349680

Low Curve Basketball Cap 4063698359733

Player Low Curve Basketball Cap 4063698359757

Quick Dry Women's Running Cap 4063697987593

Lightweight Running Cap 4063697988330

PUMA x FIRST MILE Training Cap 4063697988132

PUMA x FIRST MILE Training Cap 4063697988163

P Adjustable Women's Golf Cap 4063697986978

P Adjustable Women's Golf Cap 4063697987418

Palms P 110 Trucker Snapback Men's Golf Cap 4063697986947