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Men's Suede Trainers

Explore our collection of PUMA SUEDE trainers for men. This collection is steeped deep in our heritage with over 50 years of history built into our suede trainers. Our men’s PUMA SUEDE shoes were our first lifestyle trainer that was launched with leisure in mind rather than training following the 1968 Olympics. Since then we

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Iconic Men’s Suede Trainers

Originally called PUMA “CRACK”, which was a popular term during the ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s to describe the best of its kind, our men’s suede trainers have been on one hell of a journey through the years. Walt “CLYDE” Frazier and PUMA teamed up in the 70’s where our men’s suede trainers were on show in the court. Frazier wanted to wear a new colour suede trainer for every game, which was why suede was used because it was easier to dye.

Versatile, Durable & Comfortable Trainers

As history has shown, our men's suede trainers are tough enough to keep up with a variety of activities from breakdancing to skateboarding. However, we don't just pride ourselves on our PUMA Suedes being well-built. We take time to focus on bringing new life to our iconic trainer, while still offering the same classic silhouette that is known and loved across the world.

PUMA Suede & Culture

Throughout the 80’s PUMA Suede became synonymous with the hip-hop movement and breakdancers in cities such as New York. Internationally revered b-boy crews and hip-hop zeitgeists, the New York City Breakers and Rocksteady Crew quickly adopted the PUMA Suede as their very own pro model, swearing by its perfectly malleable outsole and infinitely accommodating Suede upper. PUMA Suede’s marriage with hip-hop became the final element in solidifying its status as a certified 'street' shoe.