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Men's Running Shorts

There’s nothing worse than running equipment that holds you back. With PUMA men’s running shorts, that will never be a worry. Our running shorts for men are made from lightweight materials that move with you and feature technology to wick sweat mile after mile. And, our shorts for running have secure zip pockets so you

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What is the best length for men's running shorts?

The best length running short for you can depend on the length of your leg as well the type of runner you are. Three-inch running shorts for men tend to finish high up the thigh, which provides better ventilation and an improved range of movement while running. This type of running short is usually favoured by competitive runners.

Five-inch running shorts strike a balance between the competitive runner’s short style and the comfort of long length shorts. This length is a popular choice among runners due to its versatility, making it a perfect choice for the modern runner.

Long length running shorts (typically seven inches long) are often chosen for short-distance runners as well as off-road running as they provide extra coverage. Many of these running shorts for men come with pockets for storage.

Your leg length will also have an impact on the type of running shorts you choose. Longer legs might mean a three-inch pair of running shorts are too small, whereas longer shorts may be uncomfortable if you have shorter thighs. Ultimately, the ideal length short for you comes down to personal preference and how comfortable you feel.