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Goalkeeper Gloves

PUMA goalkeeper gloves will help you dominate the net and keep a clean sheet. Our goalie gloves are engineered with special palm cuts for the perfect fit, padded punching zones to enhance power, breathable fabrics, and extra sticky grip. Take your goalkeeping abilities and football game to the next level, shop our collection of goalkeeper


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What material is best for goalkeeper gloves?

The inside palm of a goalkeeper glove is made from a layer of foam and a layer of protective latex to cover. The protective latex is the most important part of a goalkeeper glove therefore at PUMA, we ensure our goalkeeper gloves are made from the highest quality latex to ensure durability.

How do I choose my goalkeeper gloves?

The best way to ensure you are choosing the right goalkeeper gloves, ensuring you have the right size is key.
Measure both of your palms across, just below the knuckles, however, don’t include your thumb. If one hand is larger, use that measurement, ensuring you have rounded up to the nearest inch.
Add 1 to the number. This is your glove size.
All PUMA goalkeeper gloves are available from sizes 4 – 11. Check out our size guide to find your perfect fit.

Do goalie gloves make a difference?

A good pair of goalkeeper gloves can make all the difference to your game. Wearing larger gloves makes it easier to block the ball because there is more surface area on the glove, which makes it easier to grip and stop the ball. Wearing gloves that are too tight can reduce the surface area and makes getting a good grip on the ball difficult.
All PUMA goalkeeper gloves are designed to not only enhance your performance, but also protect your hands with our super-soft, durable latex palm.