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Retro & Classic Trainers for Men

What makes a classic a classic? Best quality, exceptional design and that certain something. PUMA classics for men have all of these things. These include, above all, stylish men's sneakers, keeping you well dressed both for sports and your active day-to-day life. The classic among our trainers is, of course, the PUMA Suede. These PUMA

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Men's Retro Trainers

Many of our classic men’s trainers have been part of our brand for decades. Over 50 years of history make up the evolution of our the PUMA Suede. Originally named PUMA CRACK, these trainers have been part of the PUMA offering since 1968. They have been part of basketball, hip-hop and skateboard culture over the years becoming an integral part of our brand. These retro men’s trainers still have the same iconic style that they did all those years ago. Over the years we have celebrated icons of different sports with special trainer collections, many of these collections have been brought back to be enjoyed again. Take a look at our complete selection of men’s retro trainers and grab yourself a pair today.

The New Retro

Roll back the years with every step in a pair of classic PUMA trainers for men. Find the perfect pair to complete your look whether it be casual or for a special occasion. In recent years we’ve revamped, reinvented and remastered some of our trainer collections to bring them into the modern day. Collections such as Suede and Smash have a deep history within our brand story over many decades. Many of our iconic designs have been reimagined with modern fabrics to enhance comfort and durability. Shop our collection of men’s classic and retro trainers to find a pair that suits your style.